Career Consulting

I offer one to one coaching with people who are looking to take the next step in their leadership journey within the Arts and Cultural sector. 

Approach and strategy

I provide a tailored approach to reviewing your strengths and experience. This includes helping to identify your key skills and those needed for the leadership roles you are seeking. 

Resumé review

We'll work together to review your resumés, focussing on  representing your skills and experience to highlight their relevance for the roles you are considering. I can work with you to tailor your applications and cover letters to the positions you seek.

Finding the right position

Using my expertise and a network of contacts built up across the entire industry, I'll work closely with you to ensure you don't miss an opportunity to move into the senior level position you seek. 

Book a Consultation

If you're looking to get into a leadership position within the Arts sector, book a consultation with me to get the process started.

Telephone:  07711 822 531